Building Bridges.

Helping organizations to hire the best talent

Wheter you are looking for health care professionals, IT-experts or managers, we got the most suitable people for your company and connect you on short notice.

Finding only the most
suitable candidates

We only choose quality over quantity. All our candidates get tested multiple times first before to make sure that they are the right choice. Saving you time and ressources. 

Experts in finding all kinds of Health Care Professionals

The main focus of our company always has been connecting the right people to hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. We got nurses or doctors for every field.

World wide talents to even fill the hardest positions

In case that there are positions which can't be filled with talents from the local market, we surely find those talents internationally and help with the integration process.


21 Consult supports clients to fill their key positions with the best and most suitable candidates the market has to offer.
It is our priority to help clients to become more competitive and improve constantly through optimal placements.
We guarantee to recommend people that are the best fit for company culture, job requirements and work environment.

How We Work

Free consultation

After your company reached out to us we schedule a consultation call with you to understand exactly what you need. 

Profile definition

Defining the exact profile and taking required skills, competencies as well as corporate culture into account.

Candidate search

Identifying and contacting suitable candidates through multiple sources, mainly through direct search.

Testing candidates

Testing candidates in multiple interviews and briefing them about the company and the corporate culture.


Selecting and recommending the most suitable candidates and delivering individual reports about them.


In interviews you choose the candidates you like most. Then we help with the placement process and paperwork.


In interviews you choose the candidates you like most. Then we help with the placement process and paperwork.


We started in February 2020 by suppliying the increased demand of health care professionals. Since then we're constantly here for you.


So far more than 60 satisfied customers trusted us. Most of them are still working with us today and will do so tommorow.
180+ Placements


Over 150 candidates have started their new career through us so far. Over 150 open positions have been filled at client's companies.
After Trial


Over 90% of our candidates stay on the job longer than the trial period of 6 months. We only bill the last part of our service after.

Experts in the Healthcare Industry

Since 3,5 years we are specialized in mainly recruiting health care professionals to hospitals and nursing homes worldwide.
Regardless of which spezialization you are looking for, we have a huge database of suitable doctors and nurses for you.
All of our candidates have the necessary language certificates and we help them processing all the legal documents (e.g. visa)

Nurses for Hospitals

Caring nurses for all kinds of hospital departments

Medical Doctors

Skilled doctors with any required specialization.

Nurses for Nursing Homes

Empathic and caring nurses for elderly care homes.

Head Nurses

Leaders for every field of health care management.
All of our candidates are tested multiple times for language skills, know-how and personal attitude and reliability.
We only work with high quality candidates with multiple years of experience in their field of work.
We support your company and the candidates all the way along the hiring process with all the legal requirements needed.
Interested in working with us?
Let's schedule a free consultation call.

Finding your dream career

The right job based on your career goals

What is important for you on a private and on a professional level? Together with you we identify the most suitable career for your future. 

The perfect CV to show all your skills

Is your CV complete and does it give a good overview over your experience? We help you to make your resume look perfect and to show everything it needs.

The best preparation for your interview

Before suggesting you to clients we interview you at least 3x to see if you're suitable, inform you about job & company and prepare you for job interviews.

The right support as long as you need it

After you're hired, we support you with all the paperwork, such as work contract, work permit, visa, recognition procedure and every other legal documents.

About us

Since early 2020 we understood how crucial it is for companies and institutions to fill all their important vacancies for being able to work ar their full potential and to meet the challenges of the future.

Due to a huge demographic change in the age pyramid of the western world, the need of health care professionals is constantly increasing.

Our goal is to fill this gap and to make sure that our clients can work on their full potential and without having to make compromises due to a lack of enough suitable and  professional employees.

We at 21 Consult guarantee to not only fill positions, but to fill it with the right, highly expierienced person, according to the required skillset, softskills, mindset, language proficiency and reliability. Ensuring our candidates will stay and help the clients for a ling period of time, same as we are always looking for a long term partnership of being your strategic partner in terms of HR-Consulting.

Our Mission

To be a reliable long term business partner that implements HR solutions to public and private institutions and companies worldwide, making sure to fulfill all their recruiting needs.

To ensure that we deliver the best possible service, we work in very close collaboration with our client's management team or individual employees to understand exactly what is most important to you and suits your company culture the most.

Our Vision

To fill even the most difficult positions with high suitable, high quality candidates, who will help the client with their manpower and skillset for a long period of time

Making sure our clients can work at their full capacities and reach their full potential without having to make compromises in growth and performance due to a lack of enough professional employees.

Finding the right people for you

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